Alarm Maintenance

Regular alarm maintenance will ensure you have peace of mind that your equipment is working to the standard you require to be secure in your home or premises.

Regular servicing and maintenance will ensure your systems durability and reliability and many insurance companies now require evidence that your alarm systems have been maintained and installed by approved companies such as Essex Alarms.

Key features of our alarm maintenance packages include:-

  • Inspection of all alarm system components including all connections and cabling
  • Visual inspection for any signs of damage or deterioration
    History check since last maintenance or service
  • Check of battery and mains power connections to the components
  • Testing of all audible warning devices, speakers and sirens and remote signalling equipment
  • Retrain and train new users to the system
  • All test results logged
  • Alarm system returned to operational status
Security System Installation

CCTV Maintenance

At Essex Alarms, we not only design and install your systems we also provide regular maintenance including repair. Maintenance is of the utmost importance and ensures you have a system that is operational and functional.

Key features of our CCTV maintenance include:-

  • Ensuring the CCTVs operational status is working and repair minor faults
  • Visual check of all components, including connections and cabling
  • Check all control hardware equipment for signs of any damage or deterioration
  • Log all results of testing, history checking since last maintenance
  • Clean lenses, cameras and housings
  • Check and adjust lenses and pictures for field of view
  • Test all recording and playback for quality
  • If required, training of new administrators to use the system
Security Installations