What do you charge for a site survey?

We do not charge for a site survey and you are under no obligation when we give you your evaluation and recommendation report.

What disruption to my home or business is likely?

There is likely to be some sort of disruption whilst any work is being carried out but we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum and can work outside of business hours if necessary for your business.

Do you provide maintenance for all installations and products?

Essex Alarms provide comprehensive maintenance packages for all of the systems we install, this is imperative for your system to operate to its fullest potential. We maintain CCTV, Access Control Systems and Alarm Systems.

Why do I need an alarm system?

Having an alarm system installed not only protects you, your loved ones and your belongings it also gives you complete peace of mind that you are secure in your own home.

Visible alarm systems also act as deterrents to intruders therefore making it less likely that you will be burgled in the first case. You can have peace of mind that you are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Why should I choose a wireless alarm system?

Wireless systems are now as good as any wired system, the fact that it is completely wireless now makes it an attractive option.

It also takes less time to install a wireless alarm system and with new technology they are now as reliable as the wired systems.

Will my house alarm work with pets in the house?

We install pet friendly sensors and will plan this with you at the design and installation stage if needed in your property.

Where should smoke alarms not be fitted?

There are a few areas where smoke alarms are best not to go, these include kitchens and bathrooms as they produce steam and combustionable particles.

In these areas we recommend different types of smoke alarms. Our engineers will advise you at the site survey what device is best and where they should go for your home or premises.

Does a carbon monoxide alarm detect gas?

No it doesn’t, it will only detect carbon monoxide. If you smell or hear a gas leak then you will need to take all the recommended precautions and report it immediately.

What happens to my systems if there is a powercut?

All of our systems have a battery back up in the control panels, this will provide approximately 8 hours charge. When the power is replaced it will automatically use the mains supply.

Will I get a reduction in my house insurance if I have an alarm system fitted?

Most insurance companies will recognise this but only if it has been installed by a recommended and professional supplier such as Essex Alarms.