Door Entry Systems (Audio and Video)

Essex Alarms can supply audio and video entry alarm systems in your home or business premises. These systems enable a two way communication between the internal handset and the entry to your building. The lock release can then be activated at the handset to allow visitors entry.

  • Door entry systems are suitable for both home and business security
  • They allow you to know who is at the door enabling you to keep strangers away
Door Entry
Door Entry

Door entry systems provide an effective but simple deterrent against unauthorised personnel gaining entry. It is also useful in deterring anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

We are able to install extensive ranges of audio and video entry alarm systems. Whether you require this for an apartment block or for a single building, we can design and install for all your needs for each location.

Access Control Panel

These kinds of systems not only increase your level of security but can also potentially enhance the value of your property.

Essex Alarms can offer you a complete bespoke service using a wide range of equipment and finishes, or if you have a particular finish in mind we can work with you closely to find exactly what you need.

We are able to provide both audio and video entry systems and a combination of both to give you greater security protection.

Give us a call on 07970 504771 or email us at to discuss your requirements further, we can advise you on the most appropriate system for your use.