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Wireless Alarm Additions- Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

fire / Smoke detectorEssex Alarms are able to add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to your existing wireless alarm. Your wireless alarm system can be installed in your home or office to protect you, your family and your employees against any potential smoke and carbon monoxide leaks.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms can be fitted in most homes or business premises and are a legal requirement for business as stated under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

In your home they can be fitted in hallways, bedrooms, but most of all they are needed on every level of your property. We can recommend where in your home they need to be placed to ensure you are completely secure.

We are able to supply and fit all types of fire and smoke alarms, the domestic kind you find in the DIY shops are easy to fit and run on batteries. We also fit the safer types of detectors that are connected to the mains electricity supply. This kind of device has a back up battery supply, therefore there is no worrying if the batteries do run out and disable the device. The batteries supply you with an 8 hour supply.

Carbon monoxide detectorFire and Monoxide detectors can easily be integrated into your existing security alarm systems and are operated from the mains electric supply.

It is important and highly recommended, that you test your fire and Carbon Monoxide detectors regularly, they all have a test button facility.

Find out more about carbon monoxide and smoke alarms by contacting us. We highly recommend using our competent electricians and engineers to install any of these types of detectors.

We can link these sensors to your wireless control panel but unfortunatly we cannot give you a certification for your insurance company.